If you search Indian Bassist on Google, whose name is first in the list: Mohini Dey.

When Mohini first entered the music scene at 9 yrs old, her goal was to play with as many artists of as many genres as possible. One look at her resume will prove how she has accomplished her original goal and then some. All these years, she always prioritized other people’s work but kept writing her own music on the side. After a point, she realized that her heart lies in music direction, production and composition. She wanted to express her love and herstory through her music by creating ground-breaking and bass-forward original music that represents her. She has done exactly that with her debut release, “Mohini Dey.” In this musical masterpiece, Mohini has united many of the top artists in the global music industry to create a fusion of sounds never heard before.

These artists include Simon Phillips, Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman, Gergo Borlai, Bumblefoot, Scott Kinsey, Narada Michael Walden, Gino Banks, Mark Hartsuch, Mike Gotthard, Daniel Szebenyi, Nishant Hagjer and Rhythm Shaw.

“Mohini Dey” is an eclectic album that has elements of rock, jazz, RnB, funk, alongside Indian carnatic rhythms and konnakol vocals. Mohini has this to say in her own words, “This album was made to be listened to from start to finish. The order of the songs was intentionally designed to give listeners at home the sensation of attending my live show. I have played with some of the greatest musicians from many different genres so it was important to me to feature them on my album doing what they do best. This music is a representation of my life’s journey and I hope that all of you will enjoy this musical adventure that I’ve curated. I am really proud of this album and feel inspired to share more of my original music with the world.”

Mohini: 'I believe in leaving trails and its something I have done all my life'.

'Always remember where you came from and what you came for'.

'You have to completely dedicate yourself to your craft to master it'.

'There are no shortcuts in life to achieve success'.

'Don't try to be someone. Be You and finesse parts of you that need work'.

'Life is too short to think about what people think so, do what you feel is right'.

'Judgements & criticism will always be there regardless of good and bad so, just do what makes you happy'.

'People can steal everything but not your art'.

-Mohini Dey